Temporary Heat Solutions in Wisconsin

Vesbach Oil & Propane will help keep your projects going!

Since 2007, Vesbach Oil & Propane has been working with local businesses to meet their fuel services needs.

One of our most popular services is providing temporary heat services. It can get frigid here in the Wisconsin. The average low temperature in January is 26˚F, and it can get much colder, with the record low being –40˚F!

But work needs to get done even when the temperature plummets. That’s why Vesbach Oil & Propane is the choice for so many local construction companies and other businesses when it comes to temporary heating services.

Propane Tanks

Vesbach Oil & Propane help you keep your projects moving forward. Here’s how temporary heating works for you:
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Temporary heat for construction

You need to finish your construction, remodeling and renovation projects to earn income. Deadlines don’t care about weather.

Temporary heat services from

  • Workers can work in a safe, comfortable environment.
  • Paint, plaster, cement and drywall mud can properly dry and cure.
  • Materials like paint, joint compound and spackle are kept warm enough to use properly.
  • Exposed pipes are kept warm, helping to prevent frozen and burst pipes.

Vesbach Oil & Propane provides everything you need to set up temporary heating at your job sites. We have the heaters, lines, hoses, regulators and, most important, the fuel! We offer on-call and next-day service, so you know you’ll always have everything you need to keep your job sites warm and safe. Our temporary heat services are customized to meet your business’s needs.

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